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Why do you need our service?

You can earn staking rewards every 2-4 days on the Solana blockchain. Rewards are viewed as a taxable event and treated as ordinary income. The sale of a token is a taxable event for U.S. citizens and a taxpayer needs to know the cost basis of the sale for their taxes.

So why us?

With the reports we provide, we track when your rewards were earned and the cost basis of the reward at the time it was earned. Our reporting process allow you to plan your tax year whether that means projecting quarterly estimated tax payments or recording all taxable transactions at the end of the year.

If you plan on holding your tokens for a long time, we can store a history of your staking rewards. The higher your cost basis, the less tax you will pay down the road when you sell.

SolCapture's accounting protocols track ongoing staking rewards if you run a validator or stake Sol with a validator. If you are interested in receiving information about taxable events related to staking please reach out to us.